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Yesterday, Liz and I booked a trip to New Orleans. I've wanted to go for so long, so this is a dream come true. Even though I'm totally dating JP and loving it, we're jokingly referring to this as our single ladies retreat. "We're going to get in to so much trouble," she said.

So Excited

Later that day, Mark (See? We still hang out.) and I went to see BB King for the fourth time. What can I say? He's old, and he totally phoned this one in. The first half of his show was just the backup band vamping while he talked about viagra and "all women are beautiful". Meh. There were a couple good guitar solos at one point. So there's that.

So Unexcited

So anyway, New Orleans, ZOMG!
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At one point, some friends of mine were talking about going to Disneyland at the end of January. I figured 9, 10 people. With just a sprinkle of advertising by Mr [ profile] sluggobear, "Day at Disneyland" turned in to a full-on bear bomb.

What was extra great was a bunch of LA/Long Beach guys I never get to hang out with showed up. My favorite was [ profile] xxtapemakerxx. What a fun guy. Later, [ profile] e_ticket showed up. He's a treat to hang out with as well. I asked both guys if they were friends, then they posed like this.

Matt and Cobbie!  Yay!

I also got a chance to talk to my buddy Reid about the breakup. He was a great listener and I appreciated that a lot. It's still weird, but we're working through it. I was a little bit blue yesterday in the morning, especially since Disneyland is one of Mark and my favorite places. But we'll go together again, as friends, I'm sure.

Good times!
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Hey everyone,

Last night Mark and I broke up. We've been together for over 15 years, but I definitely felt that I'm ready for something else. I think he needs a kick in the pants, too.

Luckily we were able to discuss it like adults, and we both made it clear that we very much want to stay friends. It's going to be a big adjustment, but I will say that I'm very excited about what the future holds.

I want to sincerely thank the handful of friends that have listened to me think out loud about this over the past week. Your support means the world to me.


So yeah, SINGLE.
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Yesterday, I went to Disneyland with [ profile] pinner123 and my dear, sweet hus-cougar Mark. We almost didn't go, because the weather forecasts kept telling us it would rain. Miraculously, it didn't rain at all. Yesss!

It was super fun and sassy, and it definitely kicked the holiday season in to high gear for us.

Pre-Christmastime at D-land

I almost never hang out with Dave and Mark at the same time, so it was a fun treat. We tried to rotate the odd man out on the rides, and we all "fit" in the teacup ride...


And then, of course, the fireworks show at the end of the night did not disappoint. It was both crazeballs and amazeballs.

Crazeballs fireworks

The best part, of course, was the fake snow after the fireworks. Per tradition, Mark cried and I laughed.
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Yesterday was a particularly slow day at work, so I randomly texted my Mark

"Is it 4:30 yet?"

He replied with, "Wanna get lunch at RedZone? I'll buy."


Even though Mark and I have worked a block away from each other for years, we've only done work-lunch twice. We're just really busy and have different schedules. So, it was fun to actually go on a little date.

gif animator

I had the Jalepeno Burger with a veggie patty. Mark had the special burger. $6.

gif animator

Of course, since we had just seen each other 4 hours before and were going to see each other again in 4 hours, we didn't have much to talk about. We texted and checked our email a lot. Wheee.
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Last night was an event at The Hole called Team Trivia Night. What a fun and random way to spend a Friday night.

You needed teams to 2-5 to compete, so I figured it would probably be Mark and me, and maybe one other guy. Mark is awesome at trivia, so I knew we had a chance.

Out of nowhere, I saw a post by [ profile] bobaloo saying he would be in town for the weekend. Next thing you know, we've got a team of three!

Team Trivia Night - We got 3rd place

We got third place. Our prize was a $20 bar coupon. It reminded me of family game night growing up. At the end of the night, my face hurt from laughing and smiling so much.

I was stoked to finally meet Bob in person. Turns out he's super cool and fun. I'm pretty sure he's a Kiss fan...

This is what happens when Bobaloo is around
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Several years ago, I visited my friends in Spain and Austria. That trip was so awesome that it changed my life. While I was there, my dear friend Matt warned me that as incredible and eye-opening as the trip was to me, no one back home will want to hear more than a few bullet points about it.

He was totally right.

Carnival Cruise 2010 - No Interwebs for 3 days?!

No Interwebs for 3 dayz

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Feeling like I needed my gay batteries charged, I took Thursday off to go to Disneyland. I'm pretty sold on going during the week these days, by the way. It's much more fun.

The main excuse we had for going was World of Color, which is California Adventure's new $75,000,000 water/light/fire/laser show.

Here's how it worked.

- Show up at 10am and get a pass for the night's show. You get a spot in a reserved, colored section. Our was Red.

- Show up in the staging area by 7:45pm and wait...

- Show's at 8:15pm and quite spectacular. From where we were, some of the projections were impossible to make out, but we got the general idea. There was a lot to see. The ferris wheel across the lake is actually used as part of the show. Very cool. Plus, there were lasers, which always win me over.

- After the show, all of Anaheim is slowly coralled out of the park. I became very claustrophobic, fast. How this isn't a major fire hazard is beyond me. I suspect inspector pay-offs.

World of Color is not exactly what I expected, but I think the Imagineers did a great job with what they had to work with. Afterall, if they can get my Mark to hang out at California Adventure for more than 20 minutes, they've really accomplished something!


I got really excited earlier that day.
Little Mermaid ride: Under Construction!

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My dear, sweet hus-cougar Mark and I love a local band called The Steely Damned. As the name implies, they are a Steely Dan cover band. When Mark found out they were doing a rare show at Humphrey's, he bought tickets immediately.

Fast forward to last night, show's at 6. We figured, "What kind of show starts at 6? We'll get there a little late." On the way from my truck to the show, we heard them playing Reelin' in the Years. Fuck, we're late.

As we walked in, we realized we were very out of place. We both had on t-shirts and Mark was wearing shorts and flip-flops. Everyone else was wearing corporate casual.

Corporate Casuals 1

Lucky us, with admission, we each got one free drink coupon and free food. Featuring Cheese!

Corporate Casuals Cheese!

Mark: Yay!
Mike: I'm so cheating on my diet tonight!

Corporate Casuals 2

The show was fun, we gained weight. Good times.

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Overheard at The Old Mill this morning.

Mike: Grape jelly? Not a fan.

Mark at the Old Mill

Mark: You don't like it?

Mike: Reminds me of when I was a kid and went to Lutheran church. We drank out of the chalice, you know, Jesus's blood. Grape juice. This jelly tastes like that.

Mark: (chuckles) So grape jelly tastes like Jesus's blood. What does strawberry jelly taste like?

Mike: Strawberry Shortcake's blood!!!

Mike at the Old Mill

Happy weekend, guys!


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