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Have you ever been to the Tool Shed in Palm Springs? We went last night for the "Bears Go to Coachella" get-together. Good times.

We ran in to a ton of friends, old and new, that were in town for the 3-day music festival. [ profile] 50poundnote played songs from the featured bands.


A friend of mine from Twitter, HeyPyro, showed up with an instant camera. He took pictures of everyone.

And today is day one of the festival. I'm excited.
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According to Facebook, yesterday was "Unofficial Tron Day", so we swung by to see what was up. It didn't seem very Tron-like, but a ton of guys we knew showed up. It was more like Unofficial Bear Day.

In line for Dole soft-serve Corndogs at Disneyland rule!

ZOMG, it's Matt!!! JP was so ready to go home.

Disneyland has transformed a little for me recently. It's become much less about all of the rides and much more about spending time with my friends. Since Anaheim is sort of right between San Diego and LA, it's a great meeting place for all of us Southern Californians.

I should say that elecTRONica was extra fun, though, thanks to Cobbie and his friends.
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Last night, we had dinner at The Turf and Supper Club in a cute, old neighborhood called Banker's Hill.

Tee Cee!

It was the same group from last night, but we were joined by everyone's favorite bundle of nervous energy, Dave! He's always good for a good time.

Richard, Dave and OMG my finger

I used to go to the Turf Club all the time, like once a week, but for the other four, it was their first time. JP asked me what he should wear. I said to dress like a hipster, so he wore his hipster hat.


So, the way it works is you order a steak or a burger, and the server brings you a plate of raw food. Then, you walk the plate over to a tiny, crowded grill and cook it yourself. This is usually super fun, but if it's crowded and you're hungry, it can be frustrating.

Luckily, as a group, we're fun no matter what, so we had a blast. And maybe the fancy cocktails helped. I wanted to be vegetarian last night, but I couldn't do it. JP had the portobello burger; I had a steak. It was death-tastic.

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This afternoon, during the Superbowl, we made a quick trip to the Lone Star Saloon. I have been told that the Lone Star has a lot of historical significance in the gay universe, so it was a definite must-see.

37/365 Lone Star Beer Bust.  Jeb, Kirk and Mr T.

My San Francisco hosts, [ profile] 50poundnote and [ profile] franken_bear, along with my new buddy Kirk, took me. Apparently it was slower than usual, probably because of the game. Luckily there was no TV in the outside area, so we didn't have to watch!

We also had brunch this morning with [ profile] rootbeer1 and [ profile] qbear. Great guys!

Steve and Jack!
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At one point, some friends of mine were talking about going to Disneyland at the end of January. I figured 9, 10 people. With just a sprinkle of advertising by Mr [ profile] sluggobear, "Day at Disneyland" turned in to a full-on bear bomb.

What was extra great was a bunch of LA/Long Beach guys I never get to hang out with showed up. My favorite was [ profile] xxtapemakerxx. What a fun guy. Later, [ profile] e_ticket showed up. He's a treat to hang out with as well. I asked both guys if they were friends, then they posed like this.

Matt and Cobbie!  Yay!

I also got a chance to talk to my buddy Reid about the breakup. He was a great listener and I appreciated that a lot. It's still weird, but we're working through it. I was a little bit blue yesterday in the morning, especially since Disneyland is one of Mark and my favorite places. But we'll go together again, as friends, I'm sure.

Good times!
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It's my birthday today, and I'm wearing my birthday suit.

Off to Disneyland in a bit, but first PRESENTS!

Today is also a very special anniversary for me. I call it First Contact.

Click here to read about just how gay and sentimental I can get )
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I played hooky from work today to go to Magic Mountain with the guys.


Six Flags Magic Mountain is a roller coaster based theme park, about 2.5 hours from where I live. It has some amazing rides, but it's certainly no Disneyland with regard to comfort, cleanliness, and crowd control. The last time I went was roughly 12 years ago, and I swore I would never go there again.

Well, it turns out the trick is to go on a weekday during the off season. And the extra-mega-bonus trick, courtesy of [ profile] sluggobear, is to go right before Christmas while everybody else is out Christmas shopping.

Magic Mountain

We sure had a lot of fun. I rode a ride there called X2 for the first time. People told me it is the best ride ever, and after riding it, I agree. I screamed like a little girl in ways I did not know I was capable of screaming.

I'm back on the Magic Mountain train. I love it. If the guys do this again next year, I'm way in.
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Last night, Japes [ profile] jpinsd, Dave [ profile] pinner123, Brian [ profile] kingfuraday and I got together for a very impromptu movie night.

The first movie was How to Train Your Dragon.

Product Details

The guys all worship this movie because it was co-written and co-directed by Dean DeBlois, whom they all know in person. He's like the definitive bear. Check him out.

It's actually a fine film. Very beautiful and well-written. I had seen it before, but it was a second movie at the drive-in, so I slept through most of it. Seeing it on Blu-ray, wired on Rockstar Energy drink is definitely a much better way to enjoy it.

The second film we saw was the infamous Bear City, which just came out on DVD and has a reputation for completely missing the mark with regard to its portrayal of the bear scene. I'm certainly no expert on the bear scene, but it did seem pretty inaccurate.

Product Details

We were extra excited because Dave's picture is in the movie for a brief moment. Also, Brian's picture shows up during the credits, and our friend Shannon Grady has a song in it at the end.

Virtually every actor in the film is very skinny, with the exception of one character who appears to weigh 400+ pounds. **Spoiler Alert** He decides to get the lap-band surgery, which seems like a very good idea in his case. But in the end, he chooses not to so that his "hot" chubby-chaser boyfriend (who calls him "gordito". barf.) won't dump him. That's pretty jacked up.

As bad not-necessarily-a-classic as it was, admittedly it was still entertaining to some extent. Good times.

Next movie night with the guys? TRON (the original!).
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Last night, for DVD Economy Night with the guys, we watched Disney's long-forgotten classic The Song of the South.

It was a fascinating viewing. While Song of the South isn't directly racist, it isn't exactly politically correct. It very much reflects a different era in history, in terms of both now-vs-the-19th-century (when the movie takes place) and now-vs-1945 (when the movie was filmed). It currently is not available in any format from Disney.

Fun Facts:

- Hattie McDaniel is in the film, essentially reprising her role as Mammy from Gone With the Wind.

- During the movie, [ profile] sluggobear pointed out that the boy who played Johnny, Bobby Driscoll, later went on to provide the voice of Peter Pan in the animated film. Years later, he had such a severe acne problem that he no longer could work in acting again. He later became hooked on drugs and ultimately did prison time and died because of his addiction.

- Song of the South was released in 1946, decades before Mary Poppins, which is known for its innovative mix of live action and animation.

Good times!
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Well, that was neat. Last night, the entire cast of 619 Bearcast made a rare live appearance on a local talk show called 2 Cents. As far as I know, this is the only time they've done this, so it was a real treat for a fan like me. I was even able to get my dear, sweet hus-cougar Mark out of the house to join me.

The host had a thing or two to learn about editing and moving things forward, but luckily the guys kind of took over and ran the show themselves.

For a large portion of the show, they answered questions from the audience. The questions were surprisingly general, like "What's a bear?" and "Are all bears in to big guys?". I didn't ask any questions, because I already know way too much about these guys. :) At one point, Brian ([ profile] kingfuraday) was trying to explain what a cub is, and he pointed me out as an example. Ha.

Great job, guys!


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