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I suppose this dates me. When I was in high school, I was really in to a rap/r&b group called Bell Biv Devoe. Often referred to as BBD, they were a spin-off of the boy band New Edition. They had a concert in San Diego at one point, and I wasn't able to go. I actually cried about that. True story. The next day, all the cool kids at school had shirts from the show that said "Do Me Baby" in huge purple letters.

One time, in an interview, the interviewer asked them to describe their outfits. They described their style as "mental". They went on to explain that dressing "mental" involves spontaneously wearing random pieces of clothing, regardless of whether they go together or not. As incredibly stupid as it sounds, for some reason, that concept really stuck with me. Whenever I wear things that are unusual or don't totally match, I semi-sarcastically think, "That's kind of mental."

But, I was thinking about it the other day. I was duped. It was all a big lie. Everything they wore was undoubtedly hand picked by a team of highly paid fashion consultants.

Do you think 90's hip hop fashion like this will ever come back? I'm afraid.
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Well, shit.


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