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So, I met this guy named Kirk while I was in San Francisco. He was a friend of [ profile] 50poundnote's, so I could be fairly certain he wasn't a serial killer.

On Saturday night, Jeb took me to all the popular bars and clubs. We didn't stay anywhere long; it was just a quick sampler. On our drive home, I was falling asleep. I couldn't wait to get in to bed and close my eyes. But right when we got home, I got a text from Kirk.

Hey. I know this is random, but heading out to the golden gate bridge to take some pics and wanted to know if u wanted to ride along

My response was "Whoa! Um, wow, life is short, right?"

So, around 12:20am, we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and took pictures of it from the other side. Here's one:

I had an absolutely lovely trip. I can't wait to come back.

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This afternoon, during the Superbowl, we made a quick trip to the Lone Star Saloon. I have been told that the Lone Star has a lot of historical significance in the gay universe, so it was a definite must-see.

37/365 Lone Star Beer Bust.  Jeb, Kirk and Mr T.

My San Francisco hosts, [ profile] 50poundnote and [ profile] franken_bear, along with my new buddy Kirk, took me. Apparently it was slower than usual, probably because of the game. Luckily there was no TV in the outside area, so we didn't have to watch!

We also had brunch this morning with [ profile] rootbeer1 and [ profile] qbear. Great guys!

Steve and Jack!


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