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Last night, er, this morning, the guys and I went to the midnight showing of Tron Legacy in stunning IMAX 3D.

We got there and hour and a half early, but so did every other hypergeek in the greater San Diego area. Luckily we had our iPhones.

There were like 15 of us, so we didn't all get to sit together. I got to sit with my new friend Henry and also [ profile] kingfuraday, who I can debate with for days. We have uncannily opposing opinions on everything!

The movie was great. I very much enjoyed it. Unlike the original, they don't dive right in to the plot, but they also don't waste much time with exposition. I felt the story moved along fairly quickly and evenly.

The special effects were state of the art, and the lead female character was very pretty. Also pretty? Jeff Bridges's hair.

I want to see it again, preferably during the day. I'm totally a morning person. The drive home at 3am was brutal.

And here I am at work, 6 hours later. Where the coffee at?!
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Last night, the guys and I watched Tron, the original 1982 version.

It was at least the third time I had seen the film. For some, it was the first time. It got mixed reviews from the gang. My opinion is that it's a solid movie. Yes, of course, it's dated and the cgi is a little bit off at times, but it was very innovative for its time and it's fun.

Having come out just a few years after Star Wars, I would argue that it's noticeably derivative.
- Sark is Darth Vader, Yori is Princess Leia, Tron is Obi-Wan and Flynn is Luke Skywalker.
- Instead of a laser sword, Flynn's mystical weapon is his identity disc.
- There's one part where Flynn sneaks past enemy lines by stealing a stormtrooper's uniform taking on a soldier's red color.

Oh, and I found the hidden Mickey! It's like 3/4 in to the film, during the solar sailer simulation scene.

Thursday night is Tron 2 (Imax 3D). I can't wait!


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