Sep. 14th, 2011

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Yesterday afternoon, I worked in our Carlsbad office, so when I headed up to L.A. to see the Gourds, I already had about an hour head start.

The plan kind of worked, I got to Long Beach by about 6. Before the show, Matt and I had dinner at Masa. It is insanely delicious. If you're ever in Echo Park, you want to go to there. Sitting one table over from us was 90's tv star and L.A. indie music landmark Abraham Benrubi. I've run in to him like 4 times over the years. He's omnipresent.

256/365 Hey Jeb and Thomas.  Look!  It's Matt Ganoe!

The Gourds were great. Even better was the drunk white trash audience all around us. Wow. Serious people watching. Lots of mullets, freaks and creeps. I think Matt and I were the only gays there. One guy hugged his girlfriend for the entire show. We figured he was trying to hide an erection or he wanted his $12 worth for buying her a ticket. Ew.

The Gourds

After the show, I was too shy to talk to the band, but while I was using the restroom, Matt talked to the singer.

"Did you know you have a small but dedicated bear following?" Matt told him.
"That's cool, man."


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