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This is kinda fun. On another site that we will not mention (rhymes with macebook), I stumbled across a picture by [ profile] bobaloo that he referred to as Pen and Pixel. It was a total blast from the past.

Here's an example of P & P.

The formula is diamond-studded wording, lots of really bad photoshop, a solid color border, and most importantly the background should have fancy cars or mansions or stacks of money.

I make a mix tape every year called Good Times, and I try to do something unique each year for the cover. Back in 2000, I did my own Pen and Pixel.

Fun with Photoshop - 2000 style

Ha ha. I'm still proud of it. :)

Here's this year's.

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I'm still kind of new to this whole LiveJournal thing, but I think I'm in to this meme stuff.
Where do these memes come from? Who's allowed to make them up? I've got some pretty rad ones I'd love to drop. Someday...

[ profile] bearpawly just did a CD jacket meme that totally inspired me. I used to be a hardcore Photoshop head. I would make CD covers daily. Once I got my first iPod, that slowed me down quite a bit.

I don't know if these are the definitive rules, or if this is a real meme for everyone, but here are the rules, per [ profile] bearpawly's blog:

A.) Pretend I could sing and that I was releasing my debut CD
B.) Create a CD Jacket for said fictional album
C.) Use pics from my LJ for imagery -- and journal entry titles as song titles




Good times.
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I got this Photoshop app for iPhone and holy crap do I love it.

It's just amazing what one can do on an iPhone.

Here's my latest wallpaper, made in Photoshop. It's Tron-tastic.

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