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On New Year's Eve, I was talking to [ profile] martini_tim and [ profile] bigsabu about the 365 pictures meme. I jokingly said that I take a picture of myself every day anyway, so it should be easy for me.

Then on New Year's Day, I saw that several of my friends were doing it, so of course I said, "Game On." I'm always really inspired by [ profile] wooferstl's pictures, which are often third person shots from a distance. I've kind of made a hobby of trying to do that myself. Like a lot of people, I hope that each shot captures something special from that day. The only real rule for me, is that I need to be in it.

10/365 - Biking to work again. I love it!

11/365 - The new pedestrian bridge being built for Comic Con.

12/365 - Woof! night with the guys
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It rained last night and this morning. That's still a novelty to us San Diegans.

My run with [ profile] danlmarmot was cancelled, so I wound up getting to work early, and by "early", I mean on time. Now it's drying up.

Rainy-ish Day Rainy-ish Day 2

I love this weather...

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I love fall. Can't wait for winter!

Off to work I go...

Yesterday, I saw something in my mailbox...

It was the Pixies live recording from Las Vegas.
Yay, thanks, Mr [ profile] rckdjbear!

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El Cortez

Sep. 21st, 2010 03:58 pm
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I kinda worked through lunch today, but I had to sneak out of the building for at least a short walk.

I wound up listening to bTalk and hiking up to the El Cortez hotel...

El Cortez Hotel

The El Cortez was totally redone a few years ago. Before that, it was completely run down. I don't know much more about it, but I bet it has an interesting history.

It's certainly spooky looking. And beautiful.

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