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Just sayin'.

I have a 3GS right now, and it's neato, but I'm starting to get those weird feelings.

And it didn't help when I was at that party Friday night and everyone had one. Or when I wanted to take a picture of the best salad ever but didn't have flash.

Resist, resist, RESIST.

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On my way to work today, I was just thinking about all the cool stuff I have going on right now. It's a good time to be me.

For starters, Prop 8. That's neat. Of course, every couple I know that wants to get married already is. But, it's a giant leap for California, and maybe the whole nation.

I finally became a Registered iPhone developer last night and installed my first home-built app.


I'm also really stoked about my new IRL and quasi-IRL friends Dan, Ed and Dave. Hi guys.

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The new operating system for iPhone just came out. I'm not going to be eligible for an iPhone 4, so this is as good as it gets for me.

It's seems neat so far. The camera has all kinds of upgrades, including location and zoom.

(First pic with the new os!)

And it's running a lot faster than before. Haven't figured out multitasking. That feature is starting to smell like shenanigans...

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I got this Photoshop app for iPhone and holy crap do I love it.

It's just amazing what one can do on an iPhone.

Here's my latest wallpaper, made in Photoshop. It's Tron-tastic.

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