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Last night, I got together with some of my favorites and watched Girls Will Be Girls.

It's a comedy about some very sassy and aggressive women. And I don't think there are any actual women in it at all, just drag queens. I didn't think I would like it, but I LOVED it.

I first heard of it a few months ago when someone announced that a sequel was in the works and I guy we know is going to be in it (presumably as an extra). Dave and I has long-standing plans to watch it, and we finally got our act together last night. Turns out it's on Netflix Streaming. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out.


(Stayed out way too late last night. Zzzzz. Huh?!)
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Last night, we had dinner at The Turf and Supper Club in a cute, old neighborhood called Banker's Hill.

Tee Cee!

It was the same group from last night, but we were joined by everyone's favorite bundle of nervous energy, Dave! He's always good for a good time.

Richard, Dave and OMG my finger

I used to go to the Turf Club all the time, like once a week, but for the other four, it was their first time. JP asked me what he should wear. I said to dress like a hipster, so he wore his hipster hat.


So, the way it works is you order a steak or a burger, and the server brings you a plate of raw food. Then, you walk the plate over to a tiny, crowded grill and cook it yourself. This is usually super fun, but if it's crowded and you're hungry, it can be frustrating.

Luckily, as a group, we're fun no matter what, so we had a blast. And maybe the fancy cocktails helped. I wanted to be vegetarian last night, but I couldn't do it. JP had the portobello burger; I had a steak. It was death-tastic.

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In lieu of a Christmas party like we used to have years ago, and in lieu of a Christmakwanzikah party like we had been having until this year, we had an Epiphany party yesterday. It was just an excuse to get people together. I made potato salad.

I hope you like potato salad...

Mark and I invited a mixed bag of friends and everyone got along famously.

I was especially happy when my friends JP [ profile] jpinsd and Dave [ profile] pinner123 showed up. They, along with my friend Liz, wound up sticking around a little bit longer than everyone else. I love that part of a party, where I finally get to sit down and enjoy my friends' company.

As JP was leaving, we realized that neither of us has posted our 365 picture of the day, so we did an impromptu photo shoot.


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We're having a big party at our house today, so I spent most of the day frantically cleaning and organizing. At one point, I went to the store for some random supplies. While I was there, I wanted to take a third-person shot of myself shopping. It was really difficult. Every aisle I went in to, someone would show up and ruin the shot or make me nervous. It was uncanny. I would find an aisle with no one in it, but just by standing there, I would subconsciously attract other customers. Like at the zoo if you stop at an empty exhibit. Try it some time. People are stupid. :)

Finally, I found an aisle with no one in it. Yay.


Speaking of guerilla art, Dave and I ate cookies & pizza and watched a great film about graffitistreet art called Exit Through the Gift Shop. I could not recommend this one more. What a fascinating film! It really draws you in right away and gets more and more interesting for the entire documentary. It's on Netflix streaming, so you can watch it right now! (Well, after commenting on this post.)

It was directed by "Banksy", who is famous for producing art that looks like this.

Ok, back to party prep...
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Last night, my dear friend Dave came over to eat snacks and watch Gavin and Stacey. I don't usually have people over, so I was a little bit nervous. See, we have four cats, and Mark and I are a dangerous combination of super-busy and kind of lazy.

I quickly cleaned up the place, threw up some extra Christmas decorations and I think I passed inspection. The plan was to have a few snacks. We wound up having The Ultimate Tailgate.

Everything was super good. Thanks, Trader Joe's (and Dave, of course)!

After watching the first two episodes of Gavin and Stacey, I am a huge fan. My favorite is James Corden's character Smithy. I want to pinch his dimply cheeks.

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Last night, Japes [ profile] jpinsd, Dave [ profile] pinner123, Brian [ profile] kingfuraday and I got together for a very impromptu movie night.

The first movie was How to Train Your Dragon.

Product Details

The guys all worship this movie because it was co-written and co-directed by Dean DeBlois, whom they all know in person. He's like the definitive bear. Check him out.

It's actually a fine film. Very beautiful and well-written. I had seen it before, but it was a second movie at the drive-in, so I slept through most of it. Seeing it on Blu-ray, wired on Rockstar Energy drink is definitely a much better way to enjoy it.

The second film we saw was the infamous Bear City, which just came out on DVD and has a reputation for completely missing the mark with regard to its portrayal of the bear scene. I'm certainly no expert on the bear scene, but it did seem pretty inaccurate.

Product Details

We were extra excited because Dave's picture is in the movie for a brief moment. Also, Brian's picture shows up during the credits, and our friend Shannon Grady has a song in it at the end.

Virtually every actor in the film is very skinny, with the exception of one character who appears to weigh 400+ pounds. **Spoiler Alert** He decides to get the lap-band surgery, which seems like a very good idea in his case. But in the end, he chooses not to so that his "hot" chubby-chaser boyfriend (who calls him "gordito". barf.) won't dump him. That's pretty jacked up.

As bad not-necessarily-a-classic as it was, admittedly it was still entertaining to some extent. Good times.

Next movie night with the guys? TRON (the original!).
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Yesterday, I went to Disneyland with [ profile] pinner123 and my dear, sweet hus-cougar Mark. We almost didn't go, because the weather forecasts kept telling us it would rain. Miraculously, it didn't rain at all. Yesss!

It was super fun and sassy, and it definitely kicked the holiday season in to high gear for us.

Pre-Christmastime at D-land

I almost never hang out with Dave and Mark at the same time, so it was a fun treat. We tried to rotate the odd man out on the rides, and we all "fit" in the teacup ride...


And then, of course, the fireworks show at the end of the night did not disappoint. It was both crazeballs and amazeballs.

Crazeballs fireworks

The best part, of course, was the fake snow after the fireworks. Per tradition, Mark cried and I laughed.
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Well, that was neat. Last night, the entire cast of 619 Bearcast made a rare live appearance on a local talk show called 2 Cents. As far as I know, this is the only time they've done this, so it was a real treat for a fan like me. I was even able to get my dear, sweet hus-cougar Mark out of the house to join me.

The host had a thing or two to learn about editing and moving things forward, but luckily the guys kind of took over and ran the show themselves.

For a large portion of the show, they answered questions from the audience. The questions were surprisingly general, like "What's a bear?" and "Are all bears in to big guys?". I didn't ask any questions, because I already know way too much about these guys. :) At one point, Brian ([ profile] kingfuraday) was trying to explain what a cub is, and he pointed me out as an example. Ha.

Great job, guys!
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The plan for this past weekend was to be broke and stay home all weekend. Boy, did that not happen. Lucky me, I wound up hanging out with two of my faves.

On Saturday, I went to DSW with [ profile] jpinsd and helped him look for new shoes. And by helped, I mean I bought new shoes for myself.

On Sunday, I went with Dave to Kobey's Swap Meet, and I picked up a new skull bracelet.


Dave helped me pick it out. And by help, I mean he tried on hats. :)

The swap meet is an unending treasure trove.

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Last night, I stopped by City Delicatessen for take-out. We had a groupon for $20.

While I was waiting for my order, I perused the dessert counter. Woo whee!

I texted this to my friend Dave (we do this type of thing often):

His response was that he's never been to City Deli and was afraid of it. Apparently a friend of his had gone and told him it was bad. I told him that he would dig it the most.

A bit later (from Dave's phone):


Hours later, [ profile] kingfuraday held his monthly Woof! night. It was extra successful last night; lots of turnout.

In addition to talking to a bunch of new people and friends I don't get to talk to nearly often enough, I was introduced by [ profile] jpinsd to [ profile] animbear and [ profile] redbeardedblond. Super cool guys! We talked about accessorizing and Tron toys.


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