Jan. 9th, 2011

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We're having a big party at our house today, so I spent most of the day frantically cleaning and organizing. At one point, I went to the store for some random supplies. While I was there, I wanted to take a third-person shot of myself shopping. It was really difficult. Every aisle I went in to, someone would show up and ruin the shot or make me nervous. It was uncanny. I would find an aisle with no one in it, but just by standing there, I would subconsciously attract other customers. Like at the zoo if you stop at an empty exhibit. Try it some time. People are stupid. :)

Finally, I found an aisle with no one in it. Yay.


Speaking of guerilla art, Dave and I ate cookies & pizza and watched a great film about graffitistreet art called Exit Through the Gift Shop. I could not recommend this one more. What a fascinating film! It really draws you in right away and gets more and more interesting for the entire documentary. It's on Netflix streaming, so you can watch it right now! (Well, after commenting on this post.)

It was directed by "Banksy", who is famous for producing art that looks like this.

Ok, back to party prep...


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