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Dan and I are trying to step it up with running. Today we had a pretty good run at about 4 miles.

After running, I put some air in my tires and biked to work. It felt great! Losing weight and exercising!


Got to work, changed, and then I heard, "Mike Deeeee! We have donuts!"

Well, shit.

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Aug. 17th, 2010 09:32 am
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Just got here

I love riding my bike to work in the morning, but I'm a hot-ghetto-mess when I get here. My least favorite part is stuffing in to a tiny elevator with nice, clean cut lawyers. My favorite part is when people ask me about riding my bike to work. "Why, yes! Yes I do. You should try it some time!" Represent!

Once I get to my floor, I just need a few minutes to dry my head off, change, and sit in front of a fan. By 9, I'm golden.

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Today, two of my coworkers came by my desk the moment I sat down. Grrrrrrrrr.

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I'm kid-powered today. After a little mixup with the bike shop, I finally got my tires up and running again.

It's a 4.2 mile hop, skip and jump to work and it's mostly downhill. The ride home, of course, is mostly UP-hill. Blech. But, hey, burning off calories.

Speaking of calories, Mark and I had a fancy dinner at Park House Eatery last night.

Duck salad

The duck salad there is so good. After trying some, you will want quit your job and just eat it all day long.

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My commute

May. 13th, 2010 09:03 am
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One second after this, I totally almost got hit by a car. I called the driver a dickweed. What even is a dickweed?

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