Feb. 19th, 2011

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Last night, after work, I went to dinner with my buddy Liz and my new love interest JP. It was fun, but I was wiped out after a full week of work. I had a Rock Star Pomegranate in the afternoon and a coffee after dinner; neither of them helped much.

By the time Liz and I got to The Casbah (my favorite place in the world) to see The Dum Dum Girls, at about 11pm, I was officially out of steam. They sounded great, but I was not feeling it.

"Liz, I gotta go outside. I'm hot and falling asleep."

So we went outside in the rain for a sec, I bought their vinyl, then we watched the rest of the show from the back lobby. Second wind. PERFECT. The rest of the show was a real treat. They ended their set with a cover of There is a Light that Never Goes Out by the Smiths. Yay.



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