Jan. 24th, 2011

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I spent most of the weekend cleaning and organizing the house. There was a time when I would just let things pile up and get dusty, but not anymore, especially since I bought the house. I guess, for me, cleaning is a form of relaxing. Usually, I blast loud music or listen to a podcast while I clean.

On Sunday afternoon, I battled the garage. Finally, the Christmas decorations are nicely put away, and I got rid of a lot of things that were taking up space. It's amazing how quickly something will be taken away if I leave it in the front yard with a FREE sign on it. Knowing my neighborhood, something tells me that even if I left the FREE sign off, those things would disappear nearly as quickly.


Sunday night, I saw a play called Next to Normal. It's brilliant. I'm so happy to see that great, original musicals are still being made.
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I ordered a poster for my office.
It met all my criteria; rainbow colors, geeky, retro, original and Apple!


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