Jan. 4th, 2011

goodolmike: (happy at All American Grill)
Last night, Mark and I met up with my friend Justin for dinner. He's my oldest friend and the closest thing I have to a little brother. It was nice to catch up on life. About ten years ago, he moved to Florida, so I see him about once a year.

We went to Randy Jones's All American Grill, and I had a kick-ass bacon burger. I think he had salmon. Good times.

A lifetime ago, Justin worked with both Mark and me at Toys R Us. While he was working there, he met legendary comic artist Jim Lee and eventually landed a career as a comic book colorist. He currently colors Marvel comics like Uncanny X-Men and Ultimate Spider-man.

Both raised in religious households, we met at church (of all places) when I was 11 and he was like 8. We weren't really friends until one summer when he came to live with us for a week.

Years later, we started playing music together. We never played live, but we recorded a lot of music. Want to hear something we did back in 1995? Check it out.


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