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I've been a big fan of a podcast called 619 Bearcast for a long time. So, it was really exciting for me to be invited on as a guest.


I got to see how they set up their equipment and how they interact face-to-face. I wasn't super nervous, because I hang out with all 5 guys fairly often.

It was hard to get a word in, though. It was a particularly lively conversation. Somebody (JP) totally went off about Internet security. :)

I'll be on Episode 95. It should be up on soon.

I'm extremely grateful to the guys for the opportunity.

Full Circle

Nov. 7th, 2010 12:57 pm
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I sure do love podcasts.

As you may know, I'm currently going through the back catalog of BTalk.

I found out about BTalk from a different podcast called 619 Bearcast. (This one is still going, and it's the awesomez.)

I found out about 619 Bearcast from another podcast called The Buck and Bobaloo Show.

I found out about The Buck and Bobaloo show from Dave White's LiveJournal [ profile] djmrswhite.

Turns out, Mr Dave White and his husband [ profile] moroccomole just started a podcast of their own today. Hell yeah. It's called Linoleum Knife. I'm a big fan of Dave's writing, so I'm pretty stoked.

Please listen so they keep doing it, and tell em Good ol' Mike sent you. :)
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I was mentioned on my favorite podcast, The 619 Bearcast. Yay!
I'm such a big fan, so to hear them say anything about me is mega-neato.

Click here for the sound clip.

Or what you should really do (unless you're, like, my sister) is check out the full podcast (episodes 71 and 57) at

Super mega thanks to my new friends Brian, [ profile] jpinsd and Vito. And, of course, extra thanks to Dave!

- Dearest [ profile] 50poundnote, You're in the sound clip too. Apparently I met Dave through you... :)

- I still miss the Buck and Bobaloo Show, though. Just wanted to put that out there. Hi, [ profile] bobaloo.

- In the clip, JP said we've never met. But, the next day, Mark and I met him at a BBQ. He's a great guy.

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