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We began our first full day in New Orleans by walking 2 miles to breakfast. We ate at a little shack called Elizabeth's. I had a salmon and brie grilled cheese sandwich.

On the way back, we walked through some neighborhoods that had clearly been affected by hurricane Katrina. This restaurant seemed to be doing fine. I like the name.

Did somebody say "Big Daddy's"?

We did more exploring and shopping, I ate crawfish and we saw Preservation Hall, which was great. At one point, we were out exploring and a wedding parade came by. It was so touching. I was really moved by it.

At the end of the day, we revisited Bourbon St. As a joke, I got a fish bowl of spiked punch. Needless to say, it was gross. I wound up leaving it unfinished on the sidewalk for someone else to enjoy.


New Orleans is a special place. I am loving it.
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Our first stop was Laffite's Blacksmith Shop. It's where the cover for Al Hirt's Our Man in New Orleans was shot like 40 years ago.


We stayed put late, walking up and down Bourbon St. It's pretty darn fun here.

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Yesterday, Liz and I booked a trip to New Orleans. I've wanted to go for so long, so this is a dream come true. Even though I'm totally dating JP and loving it, we're jokingly referring to this as our single ladies retreat. "We're going to get in to so much trouble," she said.

So Excited

Later that day, Mark (See? We still hang out.) and I went to see BB King for the fourth time. What can I say? He's old, and he totally phoned this one in. The first half of his show was just the backup band vamping while he talked about viagra and "all women are beautiful". Meh. There were a couple good guitar solos at one point. So there's that.

So Unexcited

So anyway, New Orleans, ZOMG!


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