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It's the last day of my week-long vacation. I should have been back at work today, but I took a bonus day off.

The plan was for JP and me to sit around and watch movies all day. Well, it's past 2, and we've been all over town running errands so far.

But now, finally, it's movie time!

Palm Springs/Coachella was amazing and I hope to be able to go again next year. I especially want to thank my dear friends [ profile] rootbeer1 and [ profile] qbear for hosting us!

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It's a busy week, but JP asked me to come over for Taco Night last night.

Taco Night!

Since JP is a vegetarian, the meat in the tacos was actually an Indonesian soy product called tempeh. The tacos were delicious.

While he was cooking, I finished the cover to my latest mix tape. It's a mix I do for myself every year called Good Times. This year, the theme was Baja Fresh.

Oh, and we took a big step yesterday. We changed our Facebook statuses to "In a relationship". I immediately got a text from Lizzie:

Haha/yay! ...and so ends the short-lived run of singleMike. :)
Very happy for you! Plus, barfing sounds. :)

Bed Beard

Feb. 18th, 2011 07:15 am
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I woke up this morning with total bed beard.

Bed beard

It's the Friday before a guaranteed-to-be-amazeballz-three-day weekend. I'm pretty happy. The weekend begins with dinner with Liz and [ profile] jpinsd, followed by a show by these fine folks, The Dum Dum Girls:

Have a great weekend everyone!
(If you see [ profile] wooferstl at IBR, give him a pat on the butt from me.)
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Valentine's Day this year was very unusual for me. I just ended a 15 year relationship, and I'm kinda sorta on the cusp of starting a new one. Am I allowed to be happy? Am I allowed to be snarky? I say yes!

I'm feeling very anti-Valentine's today.  But in a fun, happy kind of way, if that makes any sense.

Met up with [ profile] jpinsd for a romantic vegetarian (yay!) lunch at Which Wich. At Which Wich, when you order, you fill out a form to design your sandwich. You can choose your meat (veggie patty), your cheese (Cheeze Wiz) and all of your fixins. Later, the form is reused as the bag your sandwich is served in. It's pretty spectacular.

gif animator

That night, at home, Mark made us an anti-Valentine's dinner. It was delicious... but very meat-oriented (boo).

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[ profile] jpinsd and I found Tim-Tams at Fry's today. We no other choice than to slam them.
Check it out.

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I had a lovely time getting dinner with my dear friend [ profile] jpinsd. We both had pasta (with vodka sauce) at Lotsa Pasta. I just love hanging out with a good friend and having a nice, long conversation.

But I slacked on taking pictures. Here was dessert.

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In lieu of a Christmas party like we used to have years ago, and in lieu of a Christmakwanzikah party like we had been having until this year, we had an Epiphany party yesterday. It was just an excuse to get people together. I made potato salad.

I hope you like potato salad...

Mark and I invited a mixed bag of friends and everyone got along famously.

I was especially happy when my friends JP [ profile] jpinsd and Dave [ profile] pinner123 showed up. They, along with my friend Liz, wound up sticking around a little bit longer than everyone else. I love that part of a party, where I finally get to sit down and enjoy my friends' company.

As JP was leaving, we realized that neither of us has posted our 365 picture of the day, so we did an impromptu photo shoot.


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Last night, Japes [ profile] jpinsd, Dave [ profile] pinner123, Brian [ profile] kingfuraday and I got together for a very impromptu movie night.

The first movie was How to Train Your Dragon.

Product Details

The guys all worship this movie because it was co-written and co-directed by Dean DeBlois, whom they all know in person. He's like the definitive bear. Check him out.

It's actually a fine film. Very beautiful and well-written. I had seen it before, but it was a second movie at the drive-in, so I slept through most of it. Seeing it on Blu-ray, wired on Rockstar Energy drink is definitely a much better way to enjoy it.

The second film we saw was the infamous Bear City, which just came out on DVD and has a reputation for completely missing the mark with regard to its portrayal of the bear scene. I'm certainly no expert on the bear scene, but it did seem pretty inaccurate.

Product Details

We were extra excited because Dave's picture is in the movie for a brief moment. Also, Brian's picture shows up during the credits, and our friend Shannon Grady has a song in it at the end.

Virtually every actor in the film is very skinny, with the exception of one character who appears to weigh 400+ pounds. **Spoiler Alert** He decides to get the lap-band surgery, which seems like a very good idea in his case. But in the end, he chooses not to so that his "hot" chubby-chaser boyfriend (who calls him "gordito". barf.) won't dump him. That's pretty jacked up.

As bad not-necessarily-a-classic as it was, admittedly it was still entertaining to some extent. Good times.

Next movie night with the guys? TRON (the original!).
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Well, that was neat. Last night, the entire cast of 619 Bearcast made a rare live appearance on a local talk show called 2 Cents. As far as I know, this is the only time they've done this, so it was a real treat for a fan like me. I was even able to get my dear, sweet hus-cougar Mark out of the house to join me.

The host had a thing or two to learn about editing and moving things forward, but luckily the guys kind of took over and ran the show themselves.

For a large portion of the show, they answered questions from the audience. The questions were surprisingly general, like "What's a bear?" and "Are all bears in to big guys?". I didn't ask any questions, because I already know way too much about these guys. :) At one point, Brian ([ profile] kingfuraday) was trying to explain what a cub is, and he pointed me out as an example. Ha.

Great job, guys!
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The plan for this past weekend was to be broke and stay home all weekend. Boy, did that not happen. Lucky me, I wound up hanging out with two of my faves.

On Saturday, I went to DSW with [ profile] jpinsd and helped him look for new shoes. And by helped, I mean I bought new shoes for myself.

On Sunday, I went with Dave to Kobey's Swap Meet, and I picked up a new skull bracelet.


Dave helped me pick it out. And by help, I mean he tried on hats. :)

The swap meet is an unending treasure trove.

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