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Yesterday after work, I went to the store to finally pick up DC Universe Online for Playstation 3.

Went to Best Buy, Target and GameStop. All fails.

Oh well, I guess I wasn't meant to be a geek after all. It's not like I'd get to play with [ profile] bigsabu; he's a PC. (sticks tongue out) I'll get it eventually, but I'll probably wait till it goes down in price. Back to The Force Unleashed II.


I also had my annual review at work. My bosses are very pleased with me! I guess I knew that, but it's nice to hear it from time to time. Sounds like the coming year may be very raisy/promotiony! (Fingers crossed.)
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Me and one other guy at work just migrated our entire codebase from java 1.4 to java 6, and we made our applications platform independent.

This has been a big pipe dream of our department for many years. We nailed it. Yay!

Oh, I'm just happy, that's all.

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So, I was working on a new LiveJournal user icon at work just now, and the CEO of my company randomly walked by. I was totally mid-pose. Oops. Tee hee.

I need an office.

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Well, shit.


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My running buddy, [ profile] danlmarmot, took 2 days off from running. He picked the perfect 2 days. It's really hot and humid. Ech.

Humid 1 Humid 2 Humid 3

I could never survive in a place like Florida. Humidity jacks me up.

I'm working from home today because I need to sign for a very special delivery (Fake iPad!!!). Mark has the day off. So here we are, hanging out at home, on a weekday.

So far, I have observed that he watches old movies and plays Facebook games all day.

So far, Mark has observed that I play with my iPhone, listen to Howard Stern and sit around in my boxers all day.

Working from home

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I'm not a sports guy at all. However, I do enjoy a random Padres game here and there. We had a work function yesterday at a Padres game. Check out Mike, the die-hard fan.


I didn't care for the game, but I enjoyed gossiping with my coworkers. Plus, we had free burgers, free hot dogs and free beer. Oh my!

Free Food

Later in the game, Padres pitcher Heath Bell warmed up a few feet away from us. I would like to have sex with him. Oops, did I just say that?

Bell 1 Bell 2

Good times.

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After a really fun run with my new running pal, [ profile] danlmarmot, I got to work on time only to find this:

I had to pop all of those balloons. My hands smell like condoms. :)
They even got my Star Wars guys!

"I missed you so much. Don't ever leave me again. People here are mean to me."

Well, I guess I was missed during the past two weeks. Apparently, they like me here.

Gosh, I like my job. Ok, just 1,094 emails to get through and I'm in.

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