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My understanding I that the Star Wars Blu-ray box set arrives today.  I pre-ordered mine, so it should be at my house when I get home after work.  I'm pretty excited.  JP doesnt know it yet, but he will be forced to watch some Star Wars this weekend.


I have a special place in my heart for Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.  Yeah, it has a lot of awful dialog, horrible pacing and Jar Jar, but it's the most original of the new ones.  George Lucas really tried to do something new here.  With Episodes 2 and 3, he really tried to cater to the audience by bringing in as many Original Trilogy elements as possible (e.g. Boba Fett, Chewbacca, the shuttle from the beginning of A New Hope).

I can't wait to see it all in glorious Blu-ray!

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I like Star Wars a lot. I don't watch the movies very often anymore, but the Clone Wars cartoon is pretty spectacular.

What I'm really into is Star Wars merchandise. I'm working on a silly project to frame some action figures in shadow boxes.


These are for my office at work. I'm a consummate professional.
My love for Star Wars isn't limitless, however. I stopped short at buying this badboy. Of course, if my birthday hadn't just passed...

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The only thing geekier than reading an "Expanded Universe" Star Wars novel is reading a Star Trek novel. I'll stick with Star Wars for now.


I'm getting through this one at a snail's pace, but I think it's going to be good.

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Too soon?

Oct. 22nd, 2010 07:25 am
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I personally don't think so...

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So, as you probably know, there has been a boycott against Target for giving $150,000 to an anti-gay candidate in Minnesota. It's been easy for me to join in, because I haven't had any time for Target lately. I have mixed feeling about the whole ordeal. Was it sensationalized, how long should we boycott them, isn't Target ultimately a big supporter of the gay community...?

Like any red-blooded gay, I felt the pull yesterday. I had a burning desire to look at cheap shorts and Star Wars figures, so I went.

Crossing the picket line

Apparently, I had not been there in a while, because the store had been remodeled. Apparently they are going to sell groceries now. What...

Items I purchased:

- 2 Star Wars figures

New Star Wars guys

- This shirt. You know you want it.

Geeky?  Beartastic?  Just lame?  Can't decide.

- Slim Fast
- A Three Muskateers bar
- Granola bars

Items I did NOT purchase (but considered):

- Stickers...

- Underoos!
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I used to work at Toys R Us. It was a pretty awesome job. I met some of my best friends of all time there (including my Mark) and I totally got in to collecting toys.

In an effort to veer away from being a complete hoarder, I've almost entirely stopped buying toys. But, I'm still all about Star Wars "guys". I usually buy them, OPEN UP THE PACKAGE, set them up at my desk at work, then eventually throw them in a box in the garage.

Then there are these niche Star Wars figures, available only at Disneyland/Disneyworld (and perhaps [ profile] njbearcub1's shop), that are Disney characters dressed up as Star Wars characters. I know, they are lame, but I like em'!

Just saw these today and got really excited:


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After a really fun run with my new running pal, [ profile] danlmarmot, I got to work on time only to find this:

I had to pop all of those balloons. My hands smell like condoms. :)
They even got my Star Wars guys!

"I missed you so much. Don't ever leave me again. People here are mean to me."

Well, I guess I was missed during the past two weeks. Apparently, they like me here.

Gosh, I like my job. Ok, just 1,094 emails to get through and I'm in.

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Hus-cougar and I both have today off, so this morning we went to Old Navy and picked up some gear. Old Navy is weird-cheap. I bought 4 items of clothing for about $25.

Do these shorts make me look gay? Yes? Perfect. (Gay Days Anaheim in October! Whut whuuut.)

Hus-cougar got a bunch of stuff, too.

I didn't need to buy any shirts, because I already have the coolest shirt ever.

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