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Two years ago, Mark and I went to more than 13 Padres games in one season. We had purchased a series of tickets, and at the time, my work was giving away tickets as well. Last year, I only went to a few games, but this year I had only gone to one.

I'm not really in to "sport" at all, but I do enjoy going to a game once in a while, just for the sheer spectacle. I was telling Liz this the other day. She mentioned that she had bought tickets to the whole Cubs vs Padres series and offered me one.


It was fun! I had a vegetarian hot dog.
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I went golfing yesterday...

Golfing Mike

My dad is a big golfer. Apparently, he was really good in college. When we were growing up, he always took us to the golf course. My brother really took to it and very much rivals my dad in golf skills. Me, on the other hand? Not so much. (Fun Fact: I did hit a hole in one once, a few years ago. That fact drives my brother and my dad crazy. It was like a par 3 hole.)

It was supposed to rain all day yesterday, so it should have been a bust. But somehow, the weather held up. Good times with my dad and brother.

I felt so hetero. In my next post, I will discuss the Superbowl and my girlfriend.
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I'm not a sports guy at all. However, I do enjoy a random Padres game here and there. We had a work function yesterday at a Padres game. Check out Mike, the die-hard fan.


I didn't care for the game, but I enjoyed gossiping with my coworkers. Plus, we had free burgers, free hot dogs and free beer. Oh my!

Free Food

Later in the game, Padres pitcher Heath Bell warmed up a few feet away from us. I would like to have sex with him. Oops, did I just say that?

Bell 1 Bell 2

Good times.

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