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I was born here in San Diego and I'll probably live here my whole life, or at least until I retire in Palm Springs (right?!). I love it that we don't really have seasons, and that I can wear shorts year 'roud, and that I can (in theory) go surfing and snowboarding on the same day.

We also have a lot of palm trees. Here are my Christmas palm trees:

Christmas lights!

And here's a snapshot from my drive to running-buddy-Dan's house this morning.

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We had big plans for a fancy dinner last night, but our date had family obligations and couldn't make it. So, instead, we had an easygoing dinner at The Chicken Pie Shop, a San Diego landmark.

This restaurant, which originally was in Hillcrest (before Hillcrest "got all gay") and eventually moved to North Park, is 72 years old. And it caters to people around that age, and much older. The food is cheap, extremely bland and abundant. For about $10, you get a chicken entree, salad, mashed potatoes, vegetables, sometimes soup and dessert.

Mark had the fried chicken dinner (I told him to look excited.)

Cps 3

And I had the Chicken Pie Dinner with a side of split pea soup.

Cps 4

Inside, the walls are covered in fake wood panelling, the lighting is all fluorescent and there are little chicken statues everywhere.

It's a legend!

Cps 1

Hi Ed! See?

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It's totally gloomy today. June gloom was fun, but now it's July.

Actually, I admit I really enjoy this weather. It makes me dream of living in London, which I totally want to do someday, just for a year or so.

Here's what downtown San Diego looks like from the office.

Now, if you ever get bummed out from this kind of weather, just remember you've always got Good ol' Mike to brighten up your day!

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The weather is very agreeable today in beautiful downtown San Diego. Inspired by [ profile] wooferstl, I tried to capture my lunchtime with a few third person shots.

The below shot is my favorite. I call it "fail". :)

On my way to my little reading spot, near the convention center, I saw a pile of empty Natural Ice cans. Just then, a lady (presumably the consumer of the cans) said to me, "Hey baby, what's yo name?" I almost asked her to say it again, for a video, but I chickened out. Maybe on my way back to the office.

I love you, San Diego.

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