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Last night, Lizzie and I went see a David Bazan concert just outside of downtown San Diego. The wacky part is the concert was in someone's living room. He does this from time time to time; it's basically a win-win for everybody. He gets to play a small show with almost no cost for him to set up, a fan gets a concert in his/her freakin' living room, and guys like me get to see a cool show.

It was really fun. David sounded great, and he answered (very random) questions from the audience. The show was about $20 and included a free poster.


Oh, and a random celebrity showed up at the last minute and left part-way through the show. D-list character actor Adam Goldberg was there. We couldn't place him, but we knew he was somebody. Liz googled him later and figured it out.

Here's a YouTube clip that captures the feel of his living room shows.
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Last night, after work, I went to dinner with my buddy Liz and my new love interest JP. It was fun, but I was wiped out after a full week of work. I had a Rock Star Pomegranate in the afternoon and a coffee after dinner; neither of them helped much.

By the time Liz and I got to The Casbah (my favorite place in the world) to see The Dum Dum Girls, at about 11pm, I was officially out of steam. They sounded great, but I was not feeling it.

"Liz, I gotta go outside. I'm hot and falling asleep."

So we went outside in the rain for a sec, I bought their vinyl, then we watched the rest of the show from the back lobby. Second wind. PERFECT. The rest of the show was a real treat. They ended their set with a cover of There is a Light that Never Goes Out by the Smiths. Yay.

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Yesterday, Liz and I booked a trip to New Orleans. I've wanted to go for so long, so this is a dream come true. Even though I'm totally dating JP and loving it, we're jokingly referring to this as our single ladies retreat. "We're going to get in to so much trouble," she said.

So Excited

Later that day, Mark (See? We still hang out.) and I went to see BB King for the fourth time. What can I say? He's old, and he totally phoned this one in. The first half of his show was just the backup band vamping while he talked about viagra and "all women are beautiful". Meh. There were a couple good guitar solos at one point. So there's that.

So Unexcited

So anyway, New Orleans, ZOMG!
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In lieu of a Christmas party like we used to have years ago, and in lieu of a Christmakwanzikah party like we had been having until this year, we had an Epiphany party yesterday. It was just an excuse to get people together. I made potato salad.

I hope you like potato salad...

Mark and I invited a mixed bag of friends and everyone got along famously.

I was especially happy when my friends JP [ profile] jpinsd and Dave [ profile] pinner123 showed up. They, along with my friend Liz, wound up sticking around a little bit longer than everyone else. I love that part of a party, where I finally get to sit down and enjoy my friends' company.

As JP was leaving, we realized that neither of us has posted our 365 picture of the day, so we did an impromptu photo shoot.


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We had our annual work Holiday Party last night, and my company puts on a good one. They rent out the entire House of Blues downtown, free food, live band, and an open bar.

I decided ahead of time that I would drive to work, walk to the party and then take a cab home. It worked out nicely. This morning, I took a 4.5 mile hike to my car.

A few blocks in to my journey, my friend Liz texted me. "I'm going to walk down to get my car in a little bit. Want to join me?"

"Yeah, I'm walking now. I'll swing by your place."

So, together we trekked to downtown, had brunch at Bruegger's bagels (I had a 4-cheese and tomato panini. Yum!) and fetched our cars.

I can haz transportation!

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Yesterday afternoon, I spontaneously decided to pop this bad boy in to the DVD player. (Note the $2.99 price tag. Thanks, Amoeba!)

Beastie Boys: Awesome I shot that! is a very creative concert film in which the director handed out something like 50 cameras and asked people to film whatever they felt like filming (One guy filmed himself peeing...). After the show, all of the footage was masterfully edited together.

It came out a few years ago, and I wasn't dying to see it. Mostly because I had read a bad review of it.

Turns out, it's great! Not only was it extremely creative, it was also very immersive. I really felt like I was experiencing a Beastie Boys show. The Doug E Fresh appearance alone, about half way through, is worth its weight in gold!

Speaking of concerts, that night I saw the Pixies in real life. Yay!

They put on a great show. This tour is a celebration of the 20th anniversary of Doolittle, so they played the entire album in the album's original sequence. They also played quite a few rarities and a handful of hits.

I love Frank Black (the singer) so much...

[ profile] kingfuraday was there, too. In the picture above, he's super tall and in yellow. We talked after the show, and I got to meet his cute friend Dan. :)

No more concerts for me for a while! (Psst...this Friday, Matt and Kim at House of Blues)

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My friend Liz and I went on a tiny road trip to Hollywood to see Band of Horses at the Greek Theater. Instead of heading up in the early evening, just in time for the show, we decided to head up early and make a day of it.

First stop: Pink's!

Pink's.  We made it!

The line was around the building, but we figured we had time and WE were worth it.
Pink's is known as a hot dog stand, but they have all kinds of crazy nonsense on the menu, including burgers, burritos, tamales, and this little beauty...

3 dog night

Between us, we ordered 3 hot dogs, fries and onion rings.

Our meal

Everything was very messy and over-the-top, Liz's Planet Hollywood Dog was just way too much.

The Planet Hollywood Dog

Other Hollywood highlights?

- We went to Amoeba and bought an obscene amount of music. It was Liz's first time. I almost cried. " little..."

- Band of Horses was great. Right after the show began, Liz said, "Hey look! The drummer is your type!"

- We checked out the main drag on Hollywood Blvd. I peeked in to Hard Rock Cafe to see if [ profile] bobaloo was there. No such luck. :(
But, I did see this! (Susan Lucci from All My Children)

Erica Kane! (I think I might be gay...)

Road trips are the best.
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I'm going to see this band tonight.

I go to concerts all the time, but usually I see bands that I love. Muse is one of those bands that a lot of my friends like and I don't hate. I'm mostly going to hang out with my friend and concert buddy Liz. She bought 2 tickets a long time ago, and our agreement was if she couldn't find a cute, indie-rock boyfriend by now, I would be her cute, indie-rock boyfriend for the night. Fine with me, I like concerts.

Plus, hopefully, I'll see [ profile] sluggobear and [ profile] kingfuraday there.

I've been listening to their latest album and I like it. Maybe they'll fully win me over me tonight. I hope so!
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I've only been to a few different swap meets, but I think here in San Diego we have one of the best ones.

My friend Liz and I went today. The admission was the best $1 ever spent.

Items I purchased:

James Bond!

Swap meet score

A new hipster messenger bag. I love it like a newborn baby. It was only $5 and is in nearly new condition. I am convinced that someone was murdered for it at some point.

Swap meet bag

I got this for Dave:

Swap meet bald

Also, A Little Night Music on vinyl, a belt, and new sunglasses!

Swap meet 1

My text conversation with Dave about the sunglasses.
Dave: One word, No.
Mike: Too late. They were only $5.
Dave: I'll pay you $10 to throw them away when you get home.

Items I did not purchase:

Swap meet medusa Swap meet lighters Swap meet shoooz Swap meet barbie

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