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Jeb [ profile] 50poundnote was in town for the weekend. Although it didn't turn out anything like how we expected it to, it was super fun.

On Saturday, we made it up to Leucadia for record shopping at Lou's Records. When we got there, our friend Justin said, "Oh LOU'S Records. I thought it was Luz Records."

I hadn't been there in months and it was the first time for Jeb and JP, so we were three kids in a candy store. It was so exciting for me to see the guy I'm dating dig around for obscure CDs and records.

57/365 Happiness is dating a guy that will sit on the ground to dig for obscure CDs.

Saturday night, we "dropped a Bear Bomb on Bourbon St". It's just an excuse for a bunch of us to get together. I had way too much fun with [ profile] jpinsd and [ profile] xxtapemakerxx, so I was super tired and sick all day on Sunday. I rested while JP and Jeb geeked out on their iPads. In lieu of watching the Oscars, we had a romantic dinner at Souplantation. It was actually the perfect fix for me.

58/365 Romantic dinner

And here we are, back to work. Have a great week, everyone, Friday will be here in no time!
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Looks like I'll be visiting San Francisco next month!

It's probably too early to be announcing this, but yeah, I'm planning on visiting [ profile] 50poundnote and [ profile] franken_bear the weekend of February 4th.

My main goals are to hit Amoeba Records, finally visit the Lonestar, see Jeb DJ and to see as many LJ friends as possible (I'm looking at you, [ profile] fogbear and [ profile] putzmeisterbear).

It's guaranteed to be amazeballs.


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