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New Jimmy B blu-rays

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Tonight, I went to a family dinner for my mom's birthday. Both my brother and my sister have two kids each, so get-togethers are always kind of stressy.

But, hey, now I'm home, Mark's at work and I've got this. Yay!

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Just like anyone, I grew up watching James Bond films. But I never really paid much attention to them. It wasn't until recently, when [ profile] bobaloo talked about The Man With the Golden Gun on his podcast (I totally miss The Buck and Bobaloo Show. Don't you?), that I started going through the whole catalog.

I just watched Diamonds Are Forever. I had heard that there was a gay angle to this one. Turns out there is. The two bad guys are boyfies! How ahead if it's time!

It starts with a story about smuggled diamonds and how each person in the smuggling chain winds up murdered, until 007 (played by Sean Connory) is the next in the line. The adventure begins in Amsterdam, which happens to be where I just was last week, and eventually moves to Las Vegas.

What I like about that is it's super old-school Vegas, so the Vegas scenes are a great time capsule. Most of the shots are at Freemont St, which is now considered old town, it was a time when Vegas had parking lots instead of monster parking structures and Circus Circus in the movie is 100 times tackier than it is today.

Bond eventually enlists the help of Plenty O'Toole (I know, right?), a woman of mystery and loose...loyalty.

"Such nice cheeks, too. If only they were brains."

Later, Bond tracks down the guy who played the narrator in Rocky Horror (Its just a jump to the left.), who is clearly the inspiration for Dr Evil in the Austin Powers movies.

My favorite part is when Bond walks up to Plenty, and in the queeniest fashion ever, calls her a bitch. It's awesome.

So yeah, Diamonds are Forever. Thumbs up. I think, next, I'll be getting the guys together for Live and Let Die.

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I just watched License to Kill, the second (and I think last) James Bond movie starring Timothy Dalton. It's not bad.

Ok, the movie itself is shot very poorly and totally dated, but everything that is bad about it is unrelated to
Timmy D. Besides his hair, which is a whole different topic, he kind of nails the James Bond character. I've always been a Timothy Dalton hater, but License to Kill has shown me the way.

While we're on the topic, here are some fun observations about the film:
  •  It stars a super young Benico del Toro as one of the bad guys.
  •  It's probably the first James Bond movie to show a compact disc. Fancy!
  •  There are all kinds of man-eating sharks in this one. Yes!
  •  And best of all, THIS!


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