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My new baby. What should I name it?!

The new love of my life.

CrotchFacetime! And maybe some less-blurry pictures and a battery that lasts longer than half of a day.

I love gadgets. Wheeeee!
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I'm working from home today so that I can sign for my new iPhone 4. Yay!

Workin from home.  It's iPhone 4 day!!!

It feels like Christmas morning, waiting for my parents to get up so that I can open my new G.I. Joe toys.

I've been through a lot with this 3GS, but it's time to move on. I want to participate in ALL the reindeer games!

Ok, back to work...

What was that?! FedEx?!

Still waiting...

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There's a lot of buzz right now about the new iPhone. I'm sure it's rad, but I'm still in the honeymoon phase of iPad ownership.

This afternoon, I've been sitting in the backyard, facebooking, tweeting, surfing, reading Cujo, and best of all, watching All My Children on the ABC app.

iPhone 4 can suck it. :)

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