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I found myself with a very rare Mike-solo night last night. I had so much ambition. I was going to finish a mix tape I've been working on, do some Photoshop work, catch up on 90210, watch Source Code, possibly work on Garage Band and do laundry.

But my plans went awry once I found out my new iPad 2 was in San Diego and ready for delivery. Right after work I headed over to FedEx and picked it up.

It's fantastic of course, but it's not very different than my old one. I did, however, enjoy taking advantage of both major upgrades, the 64gb hard drive and 3G. I plan on getting a lot of use out of this one, especially with the warmer weather coming in.

Also last night, I geeked out and did a little experiment on my Nook Color. I copied a movie on to the hard drive, and it worked. This is without hacking at all. You can just do this by plugging the Nook in to a PC (and/or I think a Mac). That Nook Color is pretty freakin sweet, and it's only like $250.

I love this stuff.
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I posted a new Vlog about running IOS4 on my iPad. It's geeky and mercifully short.

Oh, and yay, it's Friday!

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Well, I finally ordered the new fake iPad I've been obsessing over.

The Augen GENTOUCH tablet computer, powered by Google's Android OS.

To say the Augen Gentouch is an iPad killer is completely laughable, but it may be a fun toy, especially for a major computer nerd/collector like me.

I'm just dying to see how the wide world of open-source Android fares in the realm of tablet devices.
Right after I ordered it, I did a little research and discovered another device that may be way cooler. It's called the Nationite MIDnite.

This one has Android 2.2 and the Google App store, which apparently the Augen Gentouch does not.

So, maybe I should have held out for the MIDnite, but chances are, if it's any good, I'll get that too. (Tee hee.)

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Are any of you guys nerds? I sure am.

I love my iPad dearly, but I'm thinking about cheating on him. The world is about to be inundated with iPad clones. From what I've seen so far is all of them use the Android operating system, which as you know, is open source (translation for the manufacturer: free).

I was talking to [ profile] danlmarmot about it the other day, and he summed his prediction for these clones in one word, "fail". He's probably right, but I would imagine, at some point, someone's going to make a cool one. Right?

So, tomorrow, my affair begins. I'll be heading down to beautiful Chula Vista, CA, to the K-Mart there, to hopefully purchase this bad boy. The Augen GenTouch78.

(I love how the guy in this video is apparently naked. Then, at one point, he shows his toes, and he has super gross, long toenails. Ew!)

According to, "The 7-inch touchscreen Android slate was spotted in the latest Kmart Weekly Circular, priced at $149.99 up until the end of the month, and will apparently run Android 2.1 on an unspecified 800MHz CPU complete with WiFi and 2GB of storage."

UPDATE: Turns out they don't have it. The kind lady on the phone said I can get a raincheck. I probably will. I want it now, though. Man!
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Mark had a coupon for a new aquarium called Sea Life, located in beautiful Carlsbad, CA. He's really in to nature things. Me, not so much; I like computers a lot.

What we didn't know, is that Sea Life is part of the Legoland "Resort" up there. In other words: $12 parking, lots and lots of kids, and the aquarium was Lego themed.

The first thing I noticed, once we were in, was a slide.

And random nonsense like this.

It was definitely a failure, but it was great people watching and made for a few good laughs at Lego's expense. Afterward, we had beers a Karl Strauss Brewery and that rounded out the edges nicely.

Later that day, it was back to iPad development!


Jun. 26th, 2010 08:40 am
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I was up till midnight last night working on my first iPad app.

This one is just a basic example that I'm following from a book, but I'll be making my own soon enough.

The sdk is fantastic and I'm a Java programmer by trade, so coding in Objective C should come pretty easily for me. The catch will be to come up with a fun, interesting app that isn't already out there.

The other day, I told my friend Matt, "I just want to make an app that is a pretty kitty that will make the phone vibrate when you pet it. And if you shake it, it meows at you."

Too late:

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There's a lot of buzz right now about the new iPhone. I'm sure it's rad, but I'm still in the honeymoon phase of iPad ownership.

This afternoon, I've been sitting in the backyard, facebooking, tweeting, surfing, reading Cujo, and best of all, watching All My Children on the ABC app.

iPhone 4 can suck it. :)

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I just found out that the iPad will be able to stream CBS, ABC and Netflix for free! I hope it's not an April Fools joke.

I get mine on Saturday. F yeah.

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