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We're going home today. It's bittersweet; mostly sweet.

Items for next time:

- King's Island (Thanks for your help, [ profile] rckdjbear. It just wasn't meant to be.)
- "Rax" ([ profile] cpj's recommendation) Sorry, never saw it and no one here has heard of it...
- New Jersey (I know, I know. Just thought I'd throw it in there.)

Major Accomplishments:
- Met my parents-in-common-law.
- White Castle
- Sang Paradise by the Dashboard Light last night at karaoke.
- Got Mark's niece to call me her new favorite person.

San Diego, here we come!!!

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Yesterday, we stopped in Yellow Springs for a bit. What I was told about Yellow Springs is that "not much has changed since the sixties. Everyone has long hair and walks around smoking pot."

Translation: Berkeley, CA

Turns out a lot has changed. I'm pretty sure Subway "Eat Fresh" wasn't around in the summer of love.

We had lunch at Ha Ha Pizza. I was a little amused at their logo. I get it, you guys all smoke weed. But do you really need to ash on my pizza?

Turns out, the pizza was quite good. I got pepperoni and pesto. Mark got sausage and onions.

Outside of the pizza, Yellow Springs was kind of a bust. Of course, I'm a little bit biased. I've been known to hate hippies...
Except [ profile] jpinsd! (smooch)

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Mark and I visited Hocking Hills National Park yesterday. It rained a little, but it was generally very interesting.

This afternoon, we dipped in to a pub to spend some hang-out time with some of Mark's relatives. It was epic people-watching. Boy oh boy. (OMG, Is that Kenny Powers?!)

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Mark and I went to White Castle today. As you may or may not know, it was my first time.

We had just eaten breakfast about an hour before, but THERE IT WAS. I had to go right then.

We ordered the 10-pack "Big Crave". It came with 2 sodas and 2 orders of fries. (Fun Fact: "White Castle Fries Only Come in One Size" - The Beastie Boys)


- The sliders taste a lot like the microwave ones.
- They weren't nearly as greasy as I had been warned.
- I thought the restaurant would be gross and tacky, but it was modern and pleasant.
- The fries were really, really good. I was not expecting that.

I vacuumed up all of my food. Mark saved two sliders for later.

It was a big moment for me, and I'm so grateful that I was able to experience it, but I have a confession to make:

I kind of never need to go there ever again. :)

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For next week, I'll be in Germantown, Ohio, Mark's childhood home.

Yesterday, I met both of Mark's parents and saw a lot of places from his past. Good-ish times.

Had brekkie at Bob Evans. I ordered biscuits and gravy, having no idea how much gravy that entailed. Whee!

So far, everyone has been very nice and pleasant, beer at Laffs is $1.25, everything in town is walking distance and Mark's sister's house is the size of a hotel.

Several people have asked me if this is my first time visiting the Midwest. It is!

Gaying it up in Germantown, Ohio

Road trip to Old Man's cave today. Will we stop by White Castle? I hope so.

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