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On Saturday morning, I brought JP to a family brunch. It was definitely a big deal because it was the first time my family met him and the first time JP was introduced to the family of someone he was dating. JP was so nervous, but he got a lot of encouragement from his Facebook friends. Their advice included "Don't be gay", "No loud barking sounds and you will be GOOOOD!!", "Short sentences, no singing." and my favorite, "They will love you! But keep jazz-hands to a minimum."

The whole family showed up: both of my parents, my brother and his family of four and my sister and her family of four. We had a full table.

Everyone got along great as we dined on burgers and talked about the events of the week. JP's burger being a veggie burger, of course.
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Several years ago, I visited my friends in Spain and Austria. That trip was so awesome that it changed my life. While I was there, my dear friend Matt warned me that as incredible and eye-opening as the trip was to me, no one back home will want to hear more than a few bullet points about it.

He was totally right.

Carnival Cruise 2010 - No Interwebs for 3 days?!

No Interwebs for 3 dayz

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October 11th is National Coming Out Day. I have a story.

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Mike: What up, Opa? (we're Dutch)
Opa: My e-mail is all kinds of jacked up. For real, though.
Mike: (moments later) Fixed.
Opa: I can't type the Euro symbol or the cross symbol.
Mike: alt+0138 and alt+0125 (something like that)
Opa: I want to install Quicken and import this backup. I tried and gave up.
Mike: (moments later) Done. Imported.
Opa: Omg, you fixed everything.

Grandson points!

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