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A few months ago, my leg started hurting. Turns out it was some kind of shin splint, so I took some time off from running.

All healed up and plus-ten pounds later, I'm back to running regularly with running buddy [ profile] danlmarmot. Turns out I got really out of shape during my hiatus. I'm sore everywhere.

But it's awesome. I'm back!

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I was running late to meet up with Dan for our morning run, so I just grabbed one of my brand new running shirts. It's a bit tight. I feel like a stuffed sausage.

                    Separated at Birth?


I really need to focus on dieting. At least we're nailing the exercise part. Dan and I went on some solid runs this week. Go team, go!
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Dan and I are trying to step it up with running. Today we had a pretty good run at about 4 miles.

After running, I put some air in my tires and biked to work. It felt great! Losing weight and exercising!


Got to work, changed, and then I heard, "Mike Deeeee! We have donuts!"

Well, shit.

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I was born here in San Diego and I'll probably live here my whole life, or at least until I retire in Palm Springs (right?!). I love it that we don't really have seasons, and that I can wear shorts year 'roud, and that I can (in theory) go surfing and snowboarding on the same day.

We also have a lot of palm trees. Here are my Christmas palm trees:

Christmas lights!

And here's a snapshot from my drive to running-buddy-Dan's house this morning.

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Yesterday was just one missed connection after the next. It was humorously uncanny.

The missed-connection-ness all came to a head when I was suppose to FaceTime with Dan in Cambodia at midnight, but I had fallen asleep moments before AND the wifi on my iPhone was turned off. Man!...

But, today is a whole new day. (And tonight is Taco Bell Night!)

That being said...

Yesterday [ profile] audiosalvage hipped me to the Vanity 6 album.

I've been a huge Prince fan for decades, but I somehow never crossed paths with this one. I love it so much! It's like a lost, classic Prince album. Yay! It is funky as heck, and it has occasional appearances by Prince himself.

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Yesterday, Dan came by yesterday to drop off a tree from his backyard. Our backyard has 2 major issues; it gets too much sun, and there are a few eyesores surrounding it. So, 2 trees in the backyard should be perfect.

I figured he would drop off the tree, we would leave it in the pot for a while, then eventually plant it. A few moments after Dan arrived, "You got a shovel?"

Crazy Dan Tree Day

Once we had positioned the first tree, Dan said, "we should go buy another tree right now. Come on. Wanna get crazy with Crazy Dan?"

So, I got this really sweet tipu tree for $24. Then, we planted them both.

Crazy Dan Tree Day 3

I think they looks really nice, plus we, you know, planted trees. Very hippie. Thanks, Dan!

Crazy Dan Tree Day 2

Per Dan, here are the details on the trees:

Tipu tree:

The other is a floss-silk tree:


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