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A while back, I stopped using a desktop computer at home. Mark and I shared a Windows 7 box, but between my MacBook, my Windows 7 laptop and my Ubuntu laptop, I had no use for it (plus, ew, Windows). But lately, I've missed the desktop experience.

Last night, I moved Mark's computer/desk/junk area out of my part of the house, and in to his.

And for fun, I bought a new monitor for my old Mac Mini and set up a desk of my own. I already had a mac keyboard, a wireless mouse and good speakers, so it was a cheap upgrade. It's so pretty; it makes me happy. I'm superficial and easily entertained.

Of course, it made the picture of the day.
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I like computers a lot. It's kind of a problem.

Just ordered this badboy the other day.

It's a Windows 7 Netbook, but it folds in to a tablet. I'm thinking full Internet experience (flash) merged with the iPad experience.

Might be fun. will be the death of me. :)

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Mike: What up, Opa? (we're Dutch)
Opa: My e-mail is all kinds of jacked up. For real, though.
Mike: (moments later) Fixed.
Opa: I can't type the Euro symbol or the cross symbol.
Mike: alt+0138 and alt+0125 (something like that)
Opa: I want to install Quicken and import this backup. I tried and gave up.
Mike: (moments later) Done. Imported.
Opa: Omg, you fixed everything.

Grandson points!

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I got a brand new, 64 bit, Windows 7 box at work today.

I'm super excited, but it's going to take me days to install all my junk (Sql Server Studio, Eclipse, Tomcat, Subversion, homegrown stuff...)

Here's me trying to resize my desktop icons (not intuitive at all).

For all you Linux nerds, I also have an Ubuntu laptop, but it's offscreen.
No Macs at work, but I'm mostly all-Apple at home.

(I like computers a lot.)

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