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The first time I saw actual snow fall from the sky was in San Diego. I was in 10th grade, and we were in first period math class. It was so cold that morning, that San Diego got a little unusual weather. We were amazed. All of us except our teacher, who made us continue class after a one-minute peek at the snow. He was a jerk.

The second time I saw snow, I went snowboarding with my friend Becky. We had heard that the conditions may lead to actual snow, but we didn't expect the huge storm that came through. At one point, I was snowboarding through heavy, beautiful snow. It was enchanting! Then it got a little scary, and we had to get off that mountain quick before being snowed in. We survived.

The third time I saw snow, I had just come back from The Netherlands with my friend Michelle. We were in Austria, walking back to our friend Matt's place. Just a few blocks from his apartment, it began to snow. It was thrilling, experiencing real snow in a big city.


This time of the year, Disneyland ends their "Holiday" fireworks show with the song "White Christmas" along with a snow simulation all around Main Street. It's quite moving. Matt and I caught it last night. Even I got a little misty-eyed (much like Mark did last year).
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Yesterday, despite being completely wiped out by all the events of the past weekend, I single-handedly tore down Christmas at the house.


This year, much more than previous years, the silly over-the-top decorations all over our house were too much for me. So it felt great to pack it all up.

The best benefit was we got to use our fireplace again!

I'm doing the 365 pictures thing on Flickr this year. Shouldn't be difficult for me at all, since I take pictures of myself daily anyway. The picture above of me and the tree is 2/365.

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Nov. 26th, 2010 12:07 pm
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Mark and I kicked off the Christmas season last night by watching Miracle on 34th St and setting up the fake tree he bought a decade ago at Toys R Us on December 26th, back when he still worked there.

So yeah, Christmas time. I'm much happier around Christmas time these days, mostly because I don't have much expendable income, so I don't feel obligated to buy everyone lavish gifts. I'm all about enjoying the season and spending time with friends and family this time. And Christmas parties, of course!


I was thinking about that this morning. Apparently a lot of people are in the same boat as me. I haven't heard one bah humbug complaint so far. I like that.

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