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Yesterday I went to lunch, and with my iPhone held firmly in my pocket, I sat and read a book for 15 minutes. What's funny is that it felt like a big moment for me. I've become so addicted to checking email, texting and updating my social networks that I've virtually abandoned book reading. It's too bad, because up until recently, I was a pretty decent reader.

I disconnected from the Internet for a full 15 minutes to read from my book.  Immediately after that, I responded to my texts, checked email and twitter, then thought about the LiveJournal post I'm going to write about my experience.

I guess I also partially blame book selection. I tried to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and then a really ambitious Star Wars book. Both were fails. Actually I might finish the Star Wars one someday, but The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is dead to me. My current books are:

Product Details and Product Details

Of course, immediately after that 15 minutes, I responded to my texts, checked email and twitter, then thought about the LiveJournal post I was going to write about my experience.
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I bought an iPad several months ago, and I've read four of five books on it. But my e-book reading streak was broken when I started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Every time I sat down to read for a while, I found myself instantly distracted. It is an iPad, so it's hard to read a book knowing I may have an email to read or a move to make on Words with Friends, but this was never a problem before. I blame this book.

It's boring and the characters names are hard to follow. Supposedly it gets better, but I cut my losses yesterday.

I held down the book cover, a red x appeared, and I clicked it!

So, next, I'm going to be finishing up a few bits of fine literature I've been meaning to get to.

- The Magic Fart (See above. It's like 100 pages. Aren't you curious?)
- I, Jedi (Michael Stackpole)
- Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. (Chelsea Handler)

I'll have all three done by mid-January.

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I just finished reading Cujo, my first Stephen King novel since high school.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my friend Liz about authors we read when we first started reading for fun. I'm so jealous of those guys that read the Lord of the Rings and Hitchhiker's Guide books early on. I kind of missed the bus in that regard.

But I did read plenty of Stephen King. I later switched to hipper guys like Vonnegut. Galapagos is my favorite novel ever. Oh, and then I discovered Star Wars novels...shhh, don't tell anyone...omg, Correllian Trilogy rules.

So yeah, Cujo. A fine read. What I especially liked about it was how savage it is. From discussions about excrement, to men shooting loads, to people holding their own GA tracts, he really goes there.

Several characters in the novel, specifically the two lead women, are at a point between 30 and 40, evaluating where they are in their lives; sort of coming-of-age. I can relate to that.

Oh, and [ profile] joncub, I read it on my iPad. As soon as I finished it, I checked to see if it was available for streaming. How cool would have been to read a book, then immediately watch the movie of it on the same device?! No such luck.

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