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A while back, I stopped using a desktop computer at home. Mark and I shared a Windows 7 box, but between my MacBook, my Windows 7 laptop and my Ubuntu laptop, I had no use for it (plus, ew, Windows). But lately, I've missed the desktop experience.

Last night, I moved Mark's computer/desk/junk area out of my part of the house, and in to his.

And for fun, I bought a new monitor for my old Mac Mini and set up a desk of my own. I already had a mac keyboard, a wireless mouse and good speakers, so it was a cheap upgrade. It's so pretty; it makes me happy. I'm superficial and easily entertained.

Of course, it made the picture of the day.
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I ordered a poster for my office.
It met all my criteria; rainbow colors, geeky, retro, original and Apple!

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How's that for a title?

I'm almost a registered iPhone developer, but I left the apostrophe out of my ultra-French last name, d'Arnaud, when I signed up (it tends to break stuff) and therefore they couldn't "verify my identity".

Here's the best part. Now I have to FAX in a verification form. Ghet-to.

Apple fail

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