Oct. 12th, 2011

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In the late 80's / early 90's, I spent most of my social time with a church youth group. I made some good friends, but they kind of came and went. Towards the end of all that, my brother and I became really good friends with another set of brothers, Min and Dave. Min had fairly bland taste in music. Mostly, he listened to R&B tragedies like Babyface and Pebbles, but one summer he went to Korea for a few months and came back with something unique and interesting.

Musician Seo Taiji, from what I understand, is Korea's Elvis Presley. He was huge. The song below, Hayoga, was one of his biggest hits. It was cutting edge at the time for its use of rap and "heavy metal" guitar sounds.

In 1993, we listened to Seo Taiji incessantly. I don't speak Korean, so I could only guess what the songs were about. Occasionally, the guys would translate for me, and the lyrics were always much less interesting than the ones I imagined.

Even years after I stopped hanging out with Min, I continued to follow Seo Taiji's career. (And this was pre-internet. Imagine going in to a Korean music store asking for "Seo Taiji". The looks I got.) He got bigger and bigger over the years, went through a Cypress Hill-sound-alike phase, went though a Limp Bizkit-sound-alike phase, went through a Blink 182-sound-alike phase, retired, took a long break from music, did a comeback album and tour, and now I think he's on hiatus again.

It's amazing how I was thinking about all that, and within seconds I was watching their Hyoga video on YouTube. It's exactly as I remember it.

I did a little clicking and was happy to see that Seo Taiji is still making videos. This one is quite polished.


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