Oct. 10th, 2011

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I took Saturday off from the world. I really needed a day to sleep in and barely get out of the house. It was great; I feel recharged and refreshed.

But when Sunday started to go the same direction, I decided I wanted to do something constructive with my weekend. So, on Sunday, JP and I hopped in to my truck, went to Home Depot and bought everything else I needed for my bathroom remodel.


Items I bought:

- A toilet with dual-flush and 10 out of 10 flush power. Yeah!
- A new light fixture for above the sink.
- White paint for the ceiling, trim and door.
- A sample of gray paint for the walls. I'll get more if I like it.
- Brushes and pans for the paint.
- A few tiles to replace the ones under the old vanity.
- Grout and tape for plumbing.
- M&Ms.

I'm not going to have any time to work on this for the next few weeks. So, I'm thinking right after New York, the remodel will be in full effect. I'll be sure to post pictures!


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