Sep. 28th, 2011

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This week, I dusted off the old DVR, cleared out all of our old recordings, and set it up to record a brand new sci-fi show called Terra Nova. It's a show about people from the future going through a worm-hole, back to the time of dinosaurs, to rebuild the world.

I had JP over last night to watch it.


What's funny is we are so used to downloading shows or streaming them from websites, that it was weird to have to watch and fast-forward through the commercials. Compared to our iPads, iPhones and Apple TV, the DVR suddenly felt like a thing of the past. Ironically, after the show was over, I turned on the Apple TV and realized we could have watched it through iTunes on demand. I wound up subscribing to it on iTunes, so each episode will magically appear on my iPad as it's released.

The show itself was great! I can't wait to see what happens next.

With the new fall season, there are so many ways to stay current. I found out the other day that I can watch my guilty pleasure, 90210, on my iPhone, on demand. I love the future.

90210 full episodes on my iPhone.  I love the future!


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