Aug. 10th, 2011

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Back in 1995 when I first moved in with Mark, we both had unusual schedules and my life ambition level was at an all time low. So, it made perfect sense for us to get hooked on a soap opera. For about a decade, I was a hardcore All My Children fan. I would watch just about every episode.

Over the years, I finally got over it. Who has time? Then, boom, All My Children was cancelled. Last episode ever is next month.

Today, since I was working from home, I decided to check out the latest ep. (Weirdly enough, watching tv while coding actually helps me concentrate.) Turns out the writers are pulling out all the stops for the final victory lap. Several characters who have died over the years are miraculously back and perfectly fine, including hyper-beloved Dixie!

Zombie Dixie

It's rad. She has died so many times on this show. The last time she died, she ate a poisonous peanut butter pancake. A pancake! Fans went apeshit over this. She not only died on-screen, but she had a whole series of episodes where she was an angel that helped Tad find their estranged daughter. Now she's back, and she doesn't know how...

I love soap operas.


There's still hope for soaps. Turns out All My Children and One Life to Live have been licensed out to a website that is going to provide TV-level content over the web, just like Hulu and Netflix.

All My Children may live on much longer than its cancellation date. I think this is great. I only watch it online, so the transition to online-only, for me and and a lot of fans, will be seamless. I'm thinking a lot of other shows will follow suit soon. TV is changing. It's the future.


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