Aug. 4th, 2011

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While I was on vacation, I knew that my first two days back would be rough. But, thanks to the hard work my team put in while I was out, it wasn't so bad.

In the afternoon, I snuck out and treated myself to Burger King's new sliders. I love sliders so much. Noshed on sliders while finishing up the Doll's House storyline in my Sandman comics. Bliss.

I love sliders.

After work, I still had to log in remotely and monitor things, but JP made me a lovely dinner. At the end of the night, I got my snuggle batteries recharged.


Yesterday, I also found out that Matt and I are going to see Sandra Bernhardt in L.A. in a few weeks. I almost feel guilty because Mark, my ex, is her second biggest fan ever (Matt's the biggest, believe me.) It's going to be super fun. Check out this clip. Sandy and Madonna are tragic fashion victims here.


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