Jul. 30th, 2011

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A few months back, I heard that Fucked Up was playing a show in LA. I didn't see anything about a show in San Diego, so I sprung for a $15 ticket. Turns out they had a show in San Diego the next night. So I wound up going to both.

Los Angeles

On my way up, I had dinner with Dave and Jason in Sherman Oaks. We had tacos at a hippie/vegan/organic place called Hugo's. Their Honey Chipotle sauce was a win.

The show, at the El Ray Theater, was great. And it was huge, compared to the San Diego venue. I'm guessing like 2000 people. The theater had great sound, was spaced out nicely and was air conditioned. But it didn't feel entirely like a punk show. It kind of felt like going to a U2 concert. I'm sure if I got closer to the stage, it would have been more engaging, but I would have certainly been kicked in the face the mosh pit. No thanks.

I ran in to some LJ buds, bought some flair and a 45. After the show, I hurried off to [profile] xxtapemakerxx's house, which is half-way home. Crashed there and drove home in the morning. Good times.

Fucked Up

San Diego

I almost didn't go. I was so tired from the night before, but I pushed through. The moment I finished my PBR, they started playing. The crowd was tiny but very cool. Damien, the singer, was in the crowd for a lot of the show. I rubbed his head and hugged him mid-song. It was that kind of night. This is more what I'm used to.

At the end of the night, Damien was hugging fans. I snuck in for a goodbye hug. Awesome.

Fucked Up in San Diego


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