Apr. 22nd, 2011

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Last night, Lizzie and I went see a David Bazan concert just outside of downtown San Diego. The wacky part is the concert was in someone's living room. He does this from time time to time; it's basically a win-win for everybody. He gets to play a small show with almost no cost for him to set up, a fan gets a concert in his/her freakin' living room, and guys like me get to see a cool show.

It was really fun. David sounded great, and he answered (very random) questions from the audience. The show was about $20 and included a free poster.


Oh, and a random celebrity showed up at the last minute and left part-way through the show. D-list character actor Adam Goldberg was there. We couldn't place him, but we knew he was somebody. Liz googled him later and figured it out.

Here's a YouTube clip that captures the feel of his living room shows.


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