Apr. 5th, 2011

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I found myself with a very rare Mike-solo night last night. I had so much ambition. I was going to finish a mix tape I've been working on, do some Photoshop work, catch up on 90210, watch Source Code, possibly work on Garage Band and do laundry.

But my plans went awry once I found out my new iPad 2 was in San Diego and ready for delivery. Right after work I headed over to FedEx and picked it up.

It's fantastic of course, but it's not very different than my old one. I did, however, enjoy taking advantage of both major upgrades, the 64gb hard drive and 3G. I plan on getting a lot of use out of this one, especially with the warmer weather coming in.

Also last night, I geeked out and did a little experiment on my Nook Color. I copied a movie on to the hard drive, and it worked. This is without hacking at all. You can just do this by plugging the Nook in to a PC (and/or I think a Mac). That Nook Color is pretty freakin sweet, and it's only like $250.

I love this stuff.


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