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The first time I saw actual snow fall from the sky was in San Diego. I was in 10th grade, and we were in first period math class. It was so cold that morning, that San Diego got a little unusual weather. We were amazed. All of us except our teacher, who made us continue class after a one-minute peek at the snow. He was a jerk.

The second time I saw snow, I went snowboarding with my friend Becky. We had heard that the conditions may lead to actual snow, but we didn't expect the huge storm that came through. At one point, I was snowboarding through heavy, beautiful snow. It was enchanting! Then it got a little scary, and we had to get off that mountain quick before being snowed in. We survived.

The third time I saw snow, I had just come back from The Netherlands with my friend Michelle. We were in Austria, walking back to our friend Matt's place. Just a few blocks from his apartment, it began to snow. It was thrilling, experiencing real snow in a big city.


This time of the year, Disneyland ends their "Holiday" fireworks show with the song "White Christmas" along with a snow simulation all around Main Street. It's quite moving. Matt and I caught it last night. Even I got a little misty-eyed (much like Mark did last year).


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