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Between Thanksgiving and taking a day off for Morrissey, I wound up having 5 days off of work in a row. It was oddly relaxing and uneventful. Usually I cram my free time to capacity with traveling or big tasks, or at least shopping. Not this time.

On the last day of vacation, JP and I met up for brunch at a local greasy spoon called The Old Mill. Mark and I used to go all the time because it's cheap and normal. It's a little run down, but it's charming, in a local cafe type of way. I had the veggie omelet with cottage cheese, and JP had the veggie burger.

Breakfast at the Old Mill

Later, we walked to the local coffee shop with the intention of reading. Unfortunately, the people next to us were on some kind of blind date or interview and were really loud. I wound up cracking open my laptop and looking at funny ebay sales.

331/365 Twilight'ddd

That night, we watched Breaking Dawn Pt 1. I thought it was great! I was a big fan of the books. I can't wait for Pt 2, which comes out next November.
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