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On top of everything else going on this past weekend, we had plans on meet some friends at Disneyland on Sunday. JP and I got there at about 11am. By noon, it was raining hard and [ profile] martini_tim and [ profile] bigsabu were ready to go.

JP, Matt and I decided to tough it out. We wound up having a really fun, albeit wet, day.

Yikes!  Rain! Matt's pancho was perfect for the rain.  I bought one, too.

At one point in the afternoon, we ducked out of the pouring rain and in to the Grand Californian for some cocktails and lady time.

JP's drink came with a light-up Tinkerbell.  JP is kind of like a light-up Tinkerbell. 324/365

Later, we saw the Aladdin show and hit Tower of Terror, Little Mermaid, Haunted Mansion and Star Tours. We did not appreciate It's a Small World. Our boat was partially flooded (not our fault!), so our shoes got soaked.

At the end of the long day, we were all glad we came. Matt and I wound up renewing our annual passes, so we're back to being able to go whenever we want!
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