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I found out Guns n Roses are playing a show in Los Angeles on December 21st. I'm aware that "Guns n Roses" now means Axl Rose and a hired backup band, but I'm still a fan. Plus the people watching will be off the chain.

However, my patience and endurance were tested this morning.

- 8am I got up and listened to some new footage of GnR on YouTube. Yikes. Axl can't hit a high note to save his life, and the band plays every note verbatim, with no soul or improvisation. That guitar player is no Slash.

- 8:30am I got a random call from New York. For a second, I thought "Maybe it's Andy!!!" but I let it go to voicemail anyway.
- 9am I got a text from Bank of America (the people that had called) that my debit card was compromised and I need to call them back. I called. Sure enough, they cancelled my card due to a "security breach".

"But, I need to pay for something in an hour. I'm just hosed?" I asked.
"Well, you can get a temporary card at the nearest Bank of America."

- 9:40am I ran to the bank and got my new card. The lady that helped me was very nice. Thanks Bank of America. You're alright!

Thanks Bank of America.  You're alright!

- 10am Ok, how do I log in for the LiveNation presale? Turns out the LiveNation presale tomorrow. Aw, man!
But the Fan Club presale is today. I Googled around to try to find the presale code or to maybe sign up for the Fan Club. Turns out the "Fan Club" is the Facebook page, which I'm already a fan of. Presale code is DEMOCRACY. Nailed it.

- 10:01am Bought tickets!

It's going to be quite an evening. I think we should dress up as 80's heavy metal fans. The last time I saw GnR, they didn't go on stage until like 2am. I hope that's not the case this time.


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